At the edge of the Dodecanese, a pandemonium of emotions, experiences and emotions. Healing for the soul, body and gaze. In Kos you will find tall palm trees, endless sandy beaches and historical sights from different periods and eras: ancient Greek, Venetian and Ottoman in a harmonious coexistence. The island, where Hippocrates was born, the most important doctor in ancient Greece, attracts thousands of people every summer. Meropi, Nymfaia, Karys, Kos: whichever of the names, which the centuries have given him, even if you choose, this exotic island of the Aegean will be written in indelible letters in your holiday diary.

Worth to see in Kos
At the Asclepieion of Hippocrates
Four kilometers southwest of the city of Kos, on a verdant hill with a unique view, you will discover one of the most important archeological sites in Greece. This is the famous Asclepieion. It consisted of sanatoriums, temples, thermos, hostels, medical school, etc. During the 3rd and 2nd century BC. the Asclepieion of Kos was the third most important Asclepieion in the ancient world. It was the period during which Hippocrates, a leading physician and founder of modern medicine, who came from the island, took over its management. During your vacation it is worth stealing some time to visit.

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A new city with a rich history
Large squares, wide streets with tree lines, sidewalks, modern buildings, shops, cafes and restaurants. After the earthquakes of 1933, the city of Kos was redesigned by the Italians. However, this city itself is an enviable destination for those who love history. The many attractions: Discover the castle of the Ioannina Knights, tour the walls of the old city that were hastily built between 1391-1396, to restrain Sultan Bayezid II. Visit the archeological sites of Limenos, Agora, Medieval Chora, the castle of Neratzia and the western districts. Don’t forget to see the huge plane tree of Hippocrates, with a trunk circumference of 12 meters, which the legend says he planted himself.

Endless beaches
Do you count Almost every beach in Kos is one kilometer long! You will award the … first prize on the beach of Kardamena, with the wonderful landscape and the clear blue waters. However, you will be thrilled by the impressive Mastichari, Tigaki, Marmari, Chrysi Akti, Kefalos, Paradisos.

Journey to the glorious castle of Antimacheia
In June 1457, just 15 knights with the help of 200 locals resisted vigorously for 23 days and forced 16,000 Turks to break the siege! This was the most important event in the history of the castle of Antimacheia, built in the 14th century by the Knights of St. John.

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The hidden treasures of Kos
A green “hideout” for peacocks
Kos is full of surprises. Planted by the Italians in the 1940s, the Plaka forest near Antimachia became a refuge for peacocks and other bird species. They will approach you easily, if you feed them spores!

Thermal springs on the edge of the Aegean
Only Kos from all the Dodecanese has three types of thermal metal springs: hot, hot and cold. They exist in Agios Fokas, in Piso Thermes, in Kokkinonero, in Volkanous.

The Archaeological Museum of Kos
It is located in Eleftherias Square, in the city. In the vestibule you will be greeted by the supernatural head of the goddess Hera. In its rooms and patio there are magnificent sculptures and mosaics.

Surely there are many things you are anxiously waiting to see and experience in Kos. You will have heard about the wonderful beaches and its unique local cuisine. You will know that Hippocrates, the father of modern medical science, was born here. What might confuse you is where to start exploring her treasures one by one. If you really belong to the “confused”, here we suggest eight things you can do to live in Kos an unforgettable travel experience, regardless of whether you visit the island during the months of high or low traffic.

Check out the recommended hotels, airline tickets, car rentals. Also you can see museum tickets, cultural events and many tours & activities

Get to know the city by pedaling
Kos has a fair reputation as a “paradise” for bicycles. First choice, a 13km coastal route. with side streets ending in the city center. So get on your bike and start ticking the sights you see: the Ancient Agora, the Roman Conservatory, the Hippocrates Tree, the Archaeological Museum …

Kos is known as the best island to cycle around
Α 13km cycle path along the waterfront, with branches heading into town
On the bike you will be able to admire the architecture of the buildings (neoclassical, Italian, Ottoman) but also to feel the special atmosphere in the most characteristic areas of the city such as Finikon Avenue that passes through the impressive Castle of Nerantzia. If you are a fanatical cyclist, keep in mind that several cycling races are held in Kos every year.

Visit the imposing ancient hospital
The Asclepieion is the most famous archeological monument in Kos. Its history is completely identical with the physiognomy of the island and its cultural value is enormous. Built in the 3rd century BC. It was designed not only as a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius (god of Medicine) but also as a medical school in order to continue the work of Hippocrates, who lived and taught in Kos his revolutionary medical theories more than a century ago. And the location of the Asclepieion will enchant you: built on three levels overlooking the sea, just below the forest, which certainly its cool, fresh breeze would be an important element of the healing process.

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Learn about Hippocrates’ healing herbs
Hippocrates taught his belief in the healing power of herbs. Very revolutionary, if you consider that in those years the diseases were attributed exclusively to the will of the gods. So if you want to get a complete picture of Hippocrates’ practices and influence, it’s worth planning a visit to the nearby Hippocratic Museum & Botanical Gardens, just half a mile from the Asclepieion, where it is believed to have been. the great doctor of antiquity was born. In the Museum you will find a lot of information about the work and its medical lessons, but also a rich garden dedicated to the hundreds of species of herbs that it cultivated as a healing plant.

Find the boat that suits you and make a coastline … your own!
Kos is full of beaches. You will surely wonder which one to visit first. We suggest you as an ideal solution to come to the excellent marina of Kos, to rent a boat and skipper, and to discover for yourself which is your favorite beach. You will find options in the North – such as Tigaki, an ideal destination for families, Marmari and Mastichari (suitable for surfing) – but also in the South of the island. From the thermal springs of Therma beach to Agios Theodoros along the entire western side, explore any beach that fascinates you the most. There are beautiful options for you and in Kefalos Bay at the end of the cape just before Cavo Paradiso.

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Agios Stefanos
If there is one beach that deserves its positive reputation, it is definitely this one. Agios Stefanos, in Kefalos Bay, wins the award for the most beautiful beach of Kos, not only for the fine sand and the infrastructure that make it ideal for families, but also for the pre-Christian temple that you will find here. In front of you – as you are on the beach – you will see the idyllic islet of Kastri with the small church of Agios Nikolaos, patron saint of sailors. With all that you will see, you will no longer find it strange how popular Agios Stefanos is on instagram … If you have an appetite to visit one of the nearby villages for lunch or dinner, Kefalos and Kamari offer quality food options!

Schedule a visit to a local winery
Kos has a long tradition in wine production. Its origins date back to antiquity, when Hippocrates spread the benefits of local “melancholy” wine. Today, after a period of revival of winemaking on the island, there are several excellent wineries to visit. Here you will be guided to the vineyards and get acquainted with wines made from local varieties (Athiri, Assyrtiko, Malagouzia), as well as internationally renowned high quality grape varieties (from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon).

In Kos, the traditional delicacies are in the “main”
So let’s talk about food, for which Kos is justifiably famous. Wherever you are on the island – from the capital’s beach to Kardamena and Kefalos in the south or the beaches of the north – you will find very good taverns and restaurants to try the local delicacies.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new flavors: pies (handmade pasta cooked in broth), candle pies (small pies stuffed with mizithra), Posia cheese (which gets its color and taste from red wine, in the which matures), cinnamon (cinnamon liqueur) or marbles (pancakes that were once made in heated marbles and served with sugar or local honey). When leaving, don’t forget to bring a jar of thyme honey or a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from the delicatessen in the city or even better, directly from the producer!

Choose your favorite spot to enjoy the sunset
Each adventure closes with an atmospheric sunset. Nowhere will you enjoy it more than on the beach of Agios Theologos, at the western end of the island, or in the village of Mastichari, just above. Alternatively, if you are more of the mountain, climb the slopes of Mount Dikaio, and come to the castle of the Old Gate or the traditional village of Zia, near Asfendiou. From here, you will enjoy stunning, panoramic views of the island. In fact, access is easy: just 16km. from the city of Kos while you can even reach by bike.

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