95-YO Women Is Taken Away From His 96-YO Wife, He Dies A Few Weeks Later Heartbroken

An elderly couple had a tragic ending even though the only thing they wanted was to spend the last few days together. But a problem in the family left the couple without any kind of power and at the mercy of others.

An elderly man is sitting alone in a chair with the newspaper in front without having the opportunity to be with his life partner. Eddie Harrison and Edith Hill had a life together.

Their love affair started with a lottery ticket many years ago. She gave him a lucky number that made them win $ 5000 and split it in half. It was love at first sight.

Their relationship began the moment Eddie invited her one day to his house. His first wife had been dead for years but he still had memories of her.

So he asked Edith to come to his house and look at some of the clothes that could fit her. Love came very quickly and after staying in a relationship for a few years in 2014 they got married.

They spent their days at Hill’s house together as a married couple. But something would happen in the lives that would shock and divide them.

In 2011 she was diagnosed with dementia. Her daughters Ernestine Yates, Patricia Barber, and Rebecca Wright, were left with the massive responsibility of ensuring that their mom had the best possible life moving forward.

This led to conflict between the sisters. According to Patricia Barber, the best thing they could do for Hill was to leave her home. She thought of taking her to Florida where she could have more specialized care because she lived in Virginia.

Wright alleged that her sister wanted their mom out of her own house so she could gain money from her mother’s property, thereby taking Hill away from her husband.

The couple found themselves in trouble because Jessica came to pick her up from Florida. the couple fought them, with Harrison protesting to Niesen:

“Well, I hope you sleep good tonight … The devils will sleep under your bed … you’re evil.”

In this difficult moment, Niesen assured Hill that he would only be gone for two weeks and would return. This gave him hope but he would lose it very soon.

The old man waited for his wife for days because she had promised but her return did not come. Out of anticipation and boredom he died. We believe when he found out she wasn’t coming back that he gave up all hope.

Three years later Hill died of natural causes. “He lived for her, and she lived for him. It’s the love story of the century.”

We wish them both peace and tranquility experiencing the type of serenity they felt while sitting next to each other watching birds by the river.

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