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    When Asked If He Believed In God, Stephen Hawking Responded

    Stephen Hawking, the renowned theoretical physicist, was known for his groundbreaking work and his thoughts on the possibility of an afterlife and a higher power. In numerous interviews and writings, Hawking staunchly expressed his convictions. He firmly denied the existence of a divine being, asserting that there was no empirical evidence to support such a […] More

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    The couple finds a new puppy abandoned in a house

    It’s always shocking to see the cruel ways some people abandon their pets. But thankfully, there are also kind people in the world willing to step up and help these discarded animals. That was the case recently after one couple stepped up to help a dog who had been heartbreakingly left behind by his old […] More

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    Campbell’s Soup Gets Some Terrible News, Stock Up While You Can

    Campbell’s Soup, a beloved American brand that has been around for nearly two centuries, is facing potential closure. The company has been struggling as more consumers move away from processed foods towards natural options. In an attempt to diversify, Campbell’s acquired other companies, but this move backfired, leaving the company with a staggering $9 billion […] More

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    The creature collides with the car window

    When you give the car, you never know what can happen to you. But what you never expect is for an animal to crash into your car window while you are driving. Latonya Lark was out running errands with her brother Kevin Grant on May 12 in Savannah, Georgia when a turtle suddenly came through […] More

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    A farmer found a huge egg under a chicken

    Nature always makes us surprised. The evidence is that recently a giant egg has caused the entire internet. Even some experts in the field scratch their heads in amazement. When you see this egg – and its contents, you will also understand why. Scott Stockman runs “Stockman Eggs”, a family business that supplies fresh eggs […] More

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    ‘I’ve got my nails done my entire life – but now I can barely use my hands

    A mother of two describes the terrifying experience of losing the use of her hands after what was thought to be an allergic reaction to manicure treatments. For a long time, Lisa Dewey of Pattishall, Northamptonshire, had received routine gel manicures without any issues. But following a regular visit in February, the 36-year-old observed that […] More

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