A father who lost his son has placed a memorial in a special place

A father who lost his son in a vehicle accident has dedicated a specific spot by the side of a lonely road in his honor and did not tell anyone about it. He came there every night, in the dark, he didn’t want anyone to know. 13 years later he finds there a note from a billionaire. Here’s what he wrote…

There is nothing worse than losing a child. Unfortunately, many people have experienced it as a feeling and this does not allow them to continue their lives.

Ray Olsen is one of them. The grieving father still cannot accept that his son is no more. For this reason, he decided to make a small place near the road to remember his son.

The place he chose is near the place where his son lost his life in a car accident with a drunk man.

He was convinced that no one would be bothered by the place he has done so he decided not to ask for permission because he knew no one would notice. He only went there when it was getting dark and he was always alone.

The creation of this place made him feel a feeling of peace within himself. 13 years passed.

One day there he found a letter announcing that a company was planning to build a building in that place. He felt very bad because he felt that the place was a connecting bridge for both of them.

But when he read the letter to the end, he could not believe his eyes. They promised him that regardless of the construction, they would also make a memorial for his son. There is also a stock nearby so that he can sit down as often as he wants.

According to Chevron representative Joe Lorenz, this was now Ray’s location and he no longer needed to visit it during the night, trying not to be spotted.

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