A violent student causes an unpleasant situation in the classroom, suddenly a student gets up

Teachers have a difficult job. They need all the time to do and correct many tests but also to deal with the bad behaviors of children.

Students do not respect teachers at all. Things can get out of control right away. It is important that in such situations the teachers are calm.

A recent video shows a student throwing a tantrum online. A student named Logan suddenly started throwing chairs and other things in the classroom at other students and teachers. The incident took place at a school in the Hempfield School District.

At first, Logan threw a chair but then punched and hit a computer. Then he goes to the teacher’s desk and looks for other things to destroy.

Logan was not calming another student, Corby grabs the violent student in a bear hug from the rear and lifts him up. He then takes him out of the classroom as some of the students laugh and others are still in shock.

The teacher did not react at all because maybe things could have gone worse then. Maybe he could lose his job too.

“His name is Logan, won’t say his last name for privacy reasons. He goes to Hempfield School District. He was in 10th grade at the filming of this video, pretty sure it was in an entrepreneurship class. He was in my gym class in 9th grade, he would constantly cuss out sugar ray, and he has anger issues. The kid that stopped him is Corby. Same grade. And he wasn’t punished for this if anyone was wondering, ”one person commented.

Some people think the teacher should have reacted. Others ask what to do in these cases. What would you do? Share with us your comments on Facebook.

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