Best Hacks to Extend the Life of Fresh Strawberries

Trying to find a way to keep strawberries fresh forever?

Unless you eat them all right away, the fresh berries in a single carton might not last forever, but we’ve got three foolproof ways to extend their stay in the fridge!

If you’re sick of throwing away perfectly good strawberries because they’ve gone bad too quickly, try some of these simple tricks.

Here are the greatest hacks for how to store Strawberries at any stage:

  • Recently-Bought Strawberries – Vinegar
  • Wilting Strawberries – Ice Water
  • Strawberries at Any Stage – Paper Towels

One way to extend the shelf life of strawberries is to wash them in vinegar and set them in a basin.

In a large bowl put white vinegar, using 1 part vinegar and 5 parts water. Soak the berries for a few minutes in the solution. The germs and mold spores that cause fruit to spoil quickly will be eliminated by the vinegar. You can see what the water looks like after rinsing the strawberries in the image above. Yikes! 

The next step is to completely dry your berries by either allowing them to air dry in a colander or spinning them in a salad spinner. Refrigerate the berries after they have finished drying.

But you have to be thinking if the strawberries have a vinegary aftertaste.

We assure you that they do not. Even though I haven’t tried it myself, this technique apparently also works for raspberries and blackberries.

Strawberries can be made to last longer if you soak them in ice water for a while.

When strawberries are beginning to wilt, you should do this.

Put some ice and water in a big dish, toss in the berries, and wait 20 minutes. That’s it!

We first came across this tip on House Beautiful, and now we see on Instagram that it has gone viral since it supposedly revives wilting strawberries.

The photographs speak for themselves; if you want your strawberries to look brighter, plumper, and fresher, then try rinsing them in ice water.

We don’t know how this works, but it does!

Obviously, if your strawberries are already rotting, this hack won’t save them; this isn’t a magic trick that will make spoiled food taste like it was picked yesterday.

Strawberry stored with a paper towel extends their shelf life.

Do this any time until they’re gone.

This tip is useful for many different kinds of berries. The extra freshness you get from storing your fruit in the fridge on a paper towel after using our first or second tip above is well worth the effort.

Since mold develops in damp environments, keeping your berries as dry as possible helps extend their shelf life.

If you want your strawberries to last longer in the refrigerator, you should put a paper towel at the bottom of the container to soak up any excess moisture.

Strawberry preservation in a Mason jar in the coolest region of the fridge was suggested by many readers.

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