Ciara Gets Unusual Proposal From Russel Wilson”Just Give Me One More”

Will the couple have more children in the future?

The 36-time Grammy Award-winning guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show was joined by her husband for a special occasion.

During that episode, the singer was surprised by an unexpected proposal where her husband asked her to have another child. They are the parents of a 19-month-old child Win Harrison, 4-year-old daughter Sienna Princess, and 7-year-old son Future Zahir that Ciara has from her first marriage.

The sweet moment happened after Ciara made a joke saying he makes her very nervous. Meanwhile, at this point the NFL star addressed the audience asking if they wanted to make her more nervous? He gets down on his knees and asks “Can we have another baby?”

Ciara laughed and her husband asked for at least one more. She replied with a laugh that she needed some time until this happened. She also said that she likes to see Wilson in the role of father and that makes him very sexy.

The couple also talked a lot about raising their children. They have been married since 2016. In their home, there is always laughter from children. They seem to know more than we think. Ciara says that in their games baby Win is in charge of leading his siblings.

Parents feel very proud that children have a great relationship with each other. They need a lot but they also fight a lot. “It’s been so much fun,” Ciara gushed. “Honestly, it’s been a blessing. You know, we got triple the love now. ”

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