Conjoined Twins Ronnie And Donnie Die At Age Of 68. ‘We’ve Had A Nice life’

When Eileen and Wesly Galyon heard that they were expecting children, they became very happy. None of them had ever imagined that their children would become famous all over the world.

The world’s oldest conjoined twins died at the age of 68 next to each other at their home in Dayton Ohio.

The boys weighed 11 pounds and 11.5 ounces. When they were born, the doctors tried to separate them. This was very dangerous. The parents decided not to take the risk. The rest is history in itself.

Both boys had legs, arms, heart, separate stomach but one single digestive system. The family had 11 children and was facing economic problems.

The father had to make the difficult decision of making the children part of the carnival circle. For many years they were the only source of income for the family.

During this carnival circuit, the boys were called “Alive in person – Galyon Siamese twins!”. They traveled to the USA, Canada, and South America with manager Ward Hall.

The boys were raised by father and stepmother Mary. This is because their mother rejected them at birth. Their younger brother Jim feels very grateful to them as they took the money from them.

In 1991 they withdrew from the circus and went to Ohio. The community there raised money to build a house. This helped them a lot to have the space they needed.

The brothers were deeply moved by this community gesture. They barely shed tears. Having a home of their own was something they never imagined.

Ronnie and Donnie had a difficult life. The parents never took them to school. The people they met were of two kinds. From those who loved them for what they were and those who were evil and rude.

Their biggest wish was to get the Guinness award. But first, they had to break the record set by two Chinese brothers.

They had lived to be 62 years old. Ronnie said in an interview in July 2014, “It’s what I and Donnie’s always dreamed about, and we hope to get the ring because we’ve dreamed about getting this since we were kids.”

However, the twins also had people who loved and were close to them. When they went out on the streets they were much loved by others.

They had no regrets and enjoyed life. In a recent interview, Ronnie said, “We had fun when we were growing up.” Donnie did not feel any different from his brother and continued, “We’ve had a nice life.”

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