Customers Leave Restaurant Without Paying, Owner Receives A Shocking Letter After A Week

Kilimanjaro is the place where every soccer fan gathers after watching Middlesbrough F.C. play over the weekend.

Waka Waka Chicken is one of the specialties of the bar. This weekend was like the others, but something shocked Apollo, who is also the owner of the restaurant.

Three foreign guests had left without paying.

Another ordinary weekend had passed and the staff was preparing for the workflow. Apollo was not at the restaurant at all because he was staying with his family. He didn’t expect anything different to happen. He received a call from his manager that he did not expect.

Three men who were not in the area at all had come to the restaurant. They were from outside the city but fans of their team.

After they had eaten their lunch, they asked for the bill. One thing that piqued the guys’ interest was the sauce on the table. The sauce, more or less similar to Nando’s, made a big impression on him. But when it came time to pay…

The lunch cost him $43. When the waitress gave the bill, they took out the cards. She told him that she only accepts cash. But in truth, the men had other plans.

They left without paying. However, it seems like Tom, Alex, and Harry left and walked out of the restaurant. They didn’t even pay for their meal, and all their bags and belongings were gone. The waitress told the manager and he called Apollo.

Apollo was very surprised because he had been to many restaurants and abroad and had never heard of such a thing. He gave orders to everyone that this should not happen again and to stay there until they paid.

After some time passed, he hoped that the three boys would return, which did not happen. One of the waiters came and handed him a letter one day.

Inside was $50 with the note “Please accept my pals’ and [my] sincere apologies…we forgot to pay our bill,” one of them wrote. “It was out of character for us, which is why we are so sorry.” They had asked for cash with them that day, but they didn’t have any.

They had told Taf that they were going to get money at an ATM and would return. They spent the next half hour looking for an ATM, but the three friends realized the last train back home was about to leave. “This diverted our attention away from seeking an A.T.M. machine, causing us to hurry down to the railway station and almost miss our train,” they wrote.

 “When we first got the letter, it was very, very unexpected [and] shocking,” he continued. The owner, on the other hand, was amazed that people could still do such things. “I thought such people were extinct,” he added. And, despite hailing from the “Land of Honest Individuals,” Apollo has come to believe that honest people may be found wherever.

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