Denise Richards, Overtaken With Emotion, Delivers The Announcement

Denise Richardska posted on Instagram something that surprised everyone. The famous actress Kirstie Alley recently passed away from a long battle with cancer. Denise shared her condolences on Instagram for the famous actress who became an inspiration to many women.

Denise wrote that she always valued Alley and that she loved him very much. “She was a wonderful woman, sweet, loving, and very strong.”

Denise also writes that she is lucky to have worked with an actress as successful as Alley. “Alley loves animals. She was a woman who tried to be happy all the time. She shared positive energy and made everyone around her happy.”

Alley is one of the most popular and beloved actresses by many fans around the world. Denise also wrote, “God bless you, your children, and grandchildren.”

Denise and Alley worked together in the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous. She won many hearts in this film and her talent was discovered by other successful directors. Not only Denise but also John Travolta has offered condolences to the Alley family.

Travolta has described Kristie as his best friend. She is a special friend to him. Look Who’s Talking has given Alley a good chance to shine. The news about the death of the actress was shared very quickly in the media and other friends of hers have sent their condolences to Alley’s family.

They also have posted special moments from their life that remember the actress. “She helped me buy a Christmas tree. She is a good friend and I am lucky to have known her.” writes Jamie Lee Curtis. We send our condolences to the family of Kirstie Alley. She will be missed by all.

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