Father Raises Alone His 7 Children After Death Of His Wife, Suddenly A Stranger Makes Him The Gift Of His Life

Life is really very strange. There are days when you have all the things and there are days when you lose them unexpectedly.

Dakota Nelson’s wife died suddenly. He was left alone to care for his seven children. It all happened during a typical day. 

The two were cleaning the garage together. Dakota went to get something inside the house and when he returned he saw Ream lying on the ground. Suddenly she was not breathing.

He did what he could but could not save her life. Her face turned blue and doctors when they arrived told her her brain had been without oxygen for 20 minutes.

He was taken to hospital where he spent many days in a coma and then left this world. The cause of her death is still unknown.

Dakota was left alone. Now he only had to think about his children aged 1-16. He started doing three jobs to meet all their needs. This was very tiring because he had to do the work but also become a father.

A stranger learned of Dakota’s problem and decided to give him a present. What he did would change his family life forever.

The stranger gave Dakota an envelope with $ 10,000 that the family would serve to cover part of the expenses.

Dakota from this burst into tears of joy. He had never thought that there would be merciful people in this world.

The family already seems to be a little happier than usual. What we all need to do is help others as much as we can. This is what God has taught us. God bless the stranger and every other person who acts like him. Amen

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