Marla McCants Lost Over 500 Pounds After Filming ‘My 600-lb Life,’ And This Is How She Currently Looks

Marla McCants is one of the best characters from the 600 lb life series. She weighed more than 800 lb, and couldn’t walk due to her weight and health issues.

Her life was really in danger and she was lucky to find a place in the show. She lost more than 500 lbs due to proper guidance, hard work, and dedication. Her transformation is just amazing. Now she is a motivational speaker.

This could have been very serious for Marla, but she changed her life and she looks fantastic today. She worked hard with the assistance of Dr. Now.

Marla worked with dieticians and nutritionists to have enjoyable and healthy meals. Her key to success is commitment and consistency.

She found inner peace and developed a healthy relationship with herself.

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