Martin Lawrence says the slap at the Oscars won’t stop Bad Boys 4

Martin Lawrence says he has no intention of stopping the making of the fourth season of Bad Boys with Will Smith. Apparently, the duo will work together again to make the film.

The profits of the previous series were $426 million. But Will’s career was put into question after what happened at the Oscars. Since then, Netflix has not continued its collaboration with Smith for his film Bright.

Apple delayed the distribution of Emancipation until 2023, despite the movie’s potential for film festivals and an Oscar contender the following year.

Tom Rothman spread the word that the studio had stopped work on Bad Boys 4 due to what happened at the Oscars. But that film is still in production. Because the automobile wasn’t moving, there were no brakes to pump, according to Rothman, who spoke to Deadline.

Meanwhile, Martin said, “I don’t think it’s really in my place to comment, but I want to say that I’ve known Will Smith for a long time and that I know him to be a good man. That was a very unfortunate thing that happened. He went on to say that that was an illustration of a very decent guy having a very awful moment in front of the world. I think his regret and repentance are sincere, and I think there is hope for redemption. “

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