Men try to rob a ‘helpless’ woman but the situation gets out of hand

A robbery that turned into a tragedy caused one of the suspects to steal a car and as a result, shot the boy with a weapon.

Louise Ornduff and her son Kaleb, from Clearwater, Florida, got on the phone with a person to buy the car. They let him meet in the Bank Of America parking lot without knowing that they would fall prey to a robbery.

Two boys, 18-year-old Lasupta Singletary and 17-year-old Jernaen Dreshaw Coleman were armed and asked for the keys of 2016 Hyundai Veloster.

Not wanting to put his life in danger, Kaleb did what he was told, after which the two carjackers fled the scene. But just as they drove away, Louise fired a shot, hitting Singletary.

Unfortunately, the shot was fatal. Coleman realized that his friend had been shot but again did not stop the car. Stopped at the nearest hospital but it was too late, he was pronounced dead.

When police launched the investigation they realized that the victim was one of the aggressors. Although Ornduff started the fire Coleman faced second-degree felony murder and armed robbery charges. As for the mother, it is not known whether charges have been filed.

Deputy Chief Eric Gandy said that “It’s important to determine whether the threat existed when the shot was fired.”

There are people who are on Louise’s side because they justify her action to shoot by writing: “She was right in what she did and had to, I would have done the same thing had I been in her shoes, and the police and courts should back her up and not take the defense of these criminals, help the police clean up the streets against crime, ”

But there are those who believe that she should not have used the weapon when she saw that the robbers were running away from her.

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