Rick Harrison has some bad news for us

Rick Harrison the star of “Pawn Stars” seems to be in trouble. His mother filed a lawsuit against him. because according to her he has used the family assets and ownership of the Las Vegas company that appears in the reality show.

Harrison’s attorney filed a complaint for her mother Joanne Harrison in Nevada State Court naming Rick Harrison and his business as defendants.

Joanne has been accused of trying to take what she thinks is rightfully hers.

This includes all interests held by her son and investments controlled by both Harrison Properties and JoRich Properties.

Joanne Harrison was married to Richard Harrison for 58 years until his death.

Rick is accused of taking advantage of his mother at a time when she was in the hospital to request the transfer of her primary ownership stake in the pawn store to him. Rick denied these accusations, saying other people were trying to manipulate his 80-year-old mother.

Someone would benefit from the work and fatigue of the family to set up such a big business.

In 2009 Richard Harrison and his nephew Austin “Chumlee” Russell appeared on television with his family pawn shop.

Joanne Harrison has asked the court for specific damages, an accounting of assets, and an order banning Rick Harrison from legal funds. She is also attempting to form a constructive trust over any properties she owns.

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