The boyfriend proposed to her with a diamond ring, but she was surprised when she saw the bill in his pocket

When a woman received the marriage proposal, instead of sharing this news with others about how happy this made her, she showed that her ring was small and cheap.

“He asked me to be his wife and gave me the ring he chose – a white gold solitaire diamond. I was very happy and accepted, but I was disappointed when I saw the ring. The stone was too small, “the woman wrote.

“I don’t dislike the ring itself. And I would have chosen a solitaire diamond. But I dislike the color of gold and the stone that is too small. “

As if that wasn’t enough, she took the bill from his pocket, which you found funny.

“He has a high salary and is usually very generous. I would have expected him to spend a lot more money on a piece of jewelry that is so important. “

In her post, many people criticized her, saying that the price did not matter, but that she was happy with the man she had by her side.

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