The man woke up with several grains on his finger and the doctors called the police

When Peter first saw some strange holes in his finger, he was worried. You didn’t know what they were or how dangerous they were.

Over time he understood. When he went to the doctor, he gave him the bad news. After realizing what was happening, the doctor immediately called the police.

Peter was just left without any explanation. The doctor had done some tests on him and after seeing the results he immediately informed the police and ran out of the room, leaving him behind. Peter was starting to panic now as he now felt how serious this probably was

And when he found out that the doctor had locked the door on him, Peter started to see red. He started banging against the door with his full weight trying to break it open. And with a couple of hits, it gave way. He was now facing to face with the doctors that had locked him in…

The doctor was now forced to give Peter an explanation as to what he had discovered and upon hearing it, Peter collapsed onto the floor…

But what did the doctors really discover?

Peter was up early in the morning like every day. He had drunk his coffee and eaten his breakfast. He didn’t even notice anything wrong while he made the coffee until he was about to pour it into his cup when he saw it and he was ready to scream.

40-year-old Peter was a single man. He had dated in the past but it had just never gone well. He hoped that this time it would be different. He’d spent a lot of time preparing for the date. He really wanted it to go well and it would be the first time they’d meet in person but not everything would go to plan.

He’d met the woman online and knew it was a long shot but he met up with her. The date was nothing extraordinary. She really didn’t seem that interested and he wasn’t sure yet if he wanted to see her again, but the next morning he was sure he didn’t. After all, what was beyond strange? He didn’t want to pull her into it when he didn’t even know what was going on

The morning after his date, Peter discovered that there was something strange about his thumb. It ached a bit but it wasn’t until he looked closely at it that he saw exactly why his thumb was hurting and it scared the living daylights out of him. What was happening to him?

Peter thought back over the last week. He hadn’t really done anything too out of the ordinary. He went on a hike through the forest a couple of days ago. He easily could have touched something out there before. Maybe a mushroom or a contaminated piece of moss? That could definitely be an option…maybe?

Once inside his office, the doctor was able to take a proper look at Peter’s thumb and he was shocked. He had never seen anything like this. He would remember if he had. Something like this wasn’t something you just forgot. And even more, the doctor hadn’t even heard of anything like this in his medical books. He was clueless.

Peter returned from the bathroom. His thumb was not looking good. The holes were starting to spread to the rest of his hand. He was getting really scared now but he knew he had to show the doctor.

Peter went back into the doctor’s office and the door was closed after him. Peter could see the staff coming in with heavy cleaning materials and they started cleaning everything, the floors, the walls, the door, you name it. Finally, the doctor came to the door to tell Peter what was going on.

He discussed with Peter what he’d been doing the day before. Peter had taken a hike and then had gone on a date that night. Luckily for Peter, the bad date hadn’t been the cause of all of this. Instead, it was more likely that he’d touched some infected plant while out on his hike. But which one?

His doctor first apologized for not telling Peter what was happening. He’d been scared. It wasn’t every day that a person with an awful flesh-eating virus came in and he had to follow procedures that he’d never had to do before. He felt awful but there was more.

Luckily for Peter, the hospital had the medication they needed, but he’d have to be in isolation for a while. The police had gotten involved because they had needed to talk to Peter about his hike, but when they’d seen him out of the isolated room they had panicked because his doctor had panicked. It was a big mess, but there was more.

The officers had kept everyone off the trail and after some heavy searching had found a plant that wasn’t native to the area. It was tested and found to be the cause of Peter’s problem. It was uprooted and disposed of. There haven’t been any cases since, and within a month Peter was completely better and ready to go on dates again.

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