The model is an inspiration for the whole world, and that’s why

Model, singer, and songwriter Marsha Elle didn’t wear shorts or skirts in public until she was 23 years old.

This is because of the injured leg and the prosthesis, which he has been wearing since the age of 5, reports Indeksonline.

Now 25 years old, she decided to appear in a swimsuit photo. She never had the courage to share pictures, because of prejudice.

But when she did, her life changed completely.

“I got so much positive energy,” she said. “That’s when the doors started to open – when I started to be more transparent, sensitive, and honest about what was going on,” she added.

People of all ages and abilities can feel valued for who they are. Hundreds of amputees from around the world are receiving her message in dozens of languages.

Her music career won, and she is now also acting as a model and is an inspiration around the world for courage and happy life, despite physical obstacles.

Elle was born with focal proximal femur deficiency, which causes a deformity of the upper thigh that makes one leg much shorter than the other.

When she was 9 months old, she traveled with her mother from Haiti to the US to receive medical care. She got her first prosthesis when she was 5 years old.

Marsha Elle recalls when she’d hide from people who’d insult the way she walked because of her prosthetic leg.

“Kids would constantly antagonize me day after day,” shared the runway model. “I remember hiding out in the hallways and being late to class to avoid the stares and the teasing of my peers throughout grade school.”

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