The mother is told that during the birth one of the twins is about to die

She could hardly wait to give birth, but when the twins came into the world, she was told that one was dying! When she said goodbye to her baby, the idea came to put him in his brother’s incubator! What happened after that is incredible…

All of us at some point in our lives wait for a miracle and turn away from God. All these do not happen by chance but for a special reason.

A mother who was expecting twins at the moment of birth was very happy. Her whole life would change from her babies.

Unfortunately, after the birth, the doctors announced that one of the babies had not developed properly and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition characterized by excess fluid build-up in fluid-containing cavities of the brain, which results in developmental, physical, and intellectual impairments, and sometimes leads to death.

The condition was serious, but the doctors told her that they would do everything to help the baby. Nena realized that she didn’t have much time left, but she had to say hello to her baby. She asked the doctors to put both of her babies in the same incubator.

But it didn’t last long and the baby started to improve. Maybe their relationship had an effect? The doctors did not have an answer for this. What they know is that the baby improved a lot and was released from the hospital after a week.

This miracle grew up and actually had no health problems and now lives a healthy life.

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