The neighbor heard a child crying in the house next door

The citizens of Yaroslav, a city in Russia, will never forget an incident that happened 10 years ago.

A neighbor heard the crying of a child in the house next door. It seemed normal to you and he continued the work he was doing. The same thing again the next day. But he noticed that there was no one in the house next door. The lights were always off.

At that moment they got worried and called the police. The whole house was empty when you entered. Those who had been there took everything and ran away.

The only thing they had left behind was their child.

The girl, only 1-year-old, was found on the floor full of dust, where she had been staying for several days. The girl’s name was Liza Verbitskaya, and her parents seemed to have entered the ground, no one could find them.

Liza was taken to the hospital where she recovered for several days. Yes, Inna Nika was staying in that hospital, a woman had a sick son and was by his side all the time.

From the other room, he heard a child crying and there was no one around. Her mother’s instinct led her to go and hug him and cut his clothes.

One day he went to the hospital and saw that Liza was not there but had been taken to an orphanage. He really wanted to adopt that girl.

When the adoption documents were completed, Liza was two years old and still had problems with chewing and was traumatized, she could not stand the loud noises.

Liza had darker skin than the other children, but she is very beautiful. She became a model and thanks to her career became known throughout Russia.

People who had mocked her all the time saw how she won many competitions thanks to her talent.

Now that she became famous, her biological mother tried to contact her, but she was not allowed. Liza has her phone number, but she still doesn’t know whether to call the one who abandoned her or not.

The greatest gratitude goes to Inna who adopted her and proved herself a true heroine and became a mother to a foreign child.

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