The woman leaves an empty seat for her dead son, wondering who is sitting there

On her most special day, Becky’s future husband decided to make a special surprise. Becky’s son had died suddenly at the age of 19 and for the mother, it was a great misfortune.

All the boy’s organs were given to the people who needed them the most. After two years, Becky decided to move forward and gave you the opportunity to marry Kelly, the boy she had always imagined having by her side.

He arranged the most thoughtful surprise imaginable for them to have at their wedding, and it brought her to tears that she had no control over.

At the wedding of Becky and Kelly, they honored the memory of Becky’s late son by setting aside an empty seat for him. They were rude enough to leave a sign that stated on the seat, “What should I do now that I’ve arrived in heaven for your wedding?” I will stoop to your level in order to spend it with you. Please save me a seat, even if there is only one available chair. Although you might not notice me, I shall be present.”

But Kelly had something even more special. He introduced Becky to someone he should definitely know. He was a 21-year-old named Jacob and Becky immediately recognized him. He was a boy and had the heart of a son.

She was holding back tears and cried throughout the ceremony.

Becky was so overjoyed that she couldn’t contain her enthusiasm; she leaped up and down while her guests sobbed with glee. When her story was shared on the social media network Facebook, people went absolutely crazy for it.

Don’t you think so too?

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