This is what the boy that no one wanted to adopt looks like

The world today is a very cruel place where people with different abilities and looks are not respected. These people have no support and are waiting to be accepted in society.

Rustam is a little boy born with facial deformities. He was abandoned by his parents. It is difficult for children like him to be accepted into a family.

Nika Zlobina was the woman who decided to take Ristam to his house. She gave him a warm home and lots of love.

“I was preparing paperwork for an adoption and there was a database with photos of children, and I happened to see images of Rustam,” Nika explained.

The first thing Nika did was to create an Instagram account so that all people would know about his case.

She included a video of Rustam dancing and it attracted the attention of many. However, not many people had sweet words to share about Rustam, there were also those who posted mean comments. “Some said this ‘freak’ won’t ever be adopted. I was terrified how many people wrote negative comments, and among them were young mothers with kids,” Nika said.

Nika wanted to fight the fact that children with such deformities are not adopted. By sharing Rustam’s daily routines, his many smiles, and the way he showed happiness when around the right people, Nika hoped people would understand that these children deserve the chance to be taken care of.

Of course, there are always stares and comments by complete strangers, but Nika and her husband will do everything in their power to protect their son and teach the world that there is nothing bad about being different. In fact, it is the differences that make this world go round.

Today, Rustam is nine years old and is living the best life possible.

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