Three Teachers Get Into A Fight As Soon As A Violent Man Enters Their School

At the moment when the children of an elementary school were in class, a shaky man enters the school and walks toward them. However, the plan he had would fail when three teachers were put into action.

At Inglewood Elementary School in Nashville teacher, Rachel Davis was worried when she was taking the kids out to the games because she saw a strange man coming around the school. Her intuition was tested the moment she opened the door of the building to get the kids inside.

“I was trying to explain to him, ‘Sir, you can not come in this door. This is not the front door. You’re not allowed in this building. ’And eventually, he wanted to get in so bad that he was lunging towards the kids,” Davis said, adding that she tried to block him from getting inside while she was yelling for help. “We struggled for a while, and he made it inside the building.”

As soon as he saw the door open the man started a sprint towards her. The teacher came forward to stop him and it was at this moment when another teacher heard her screams.

“I just heard Mrs. Davis say ‘he’s trying to get into the building, he’s trying to get into the building.’ So, immediately, I’m like you’re not getting into this building, like to the top of my lungs yelling, ‘You are not getting into this building, ” recalled Katrina Thomas, the security officer at the elementary school.

Thomas yelled at the children to run. Bookkeeper Shay Patton saw the whole event. The three women clashed with the aggressor who later became known to be 33-year-old Onreka Gray. He had a criminal past.

Women, despite saving the lives of children, could not even imagine what would have happened if the man had had his own weapon.

“We did not even think did he have a gun or a knife?” said Patton. “That’s what we were afraid of him, him getting to some of these kids, some of our staff. You know we did not want that. ”

A security officer must always be present in our children’s schools. All of these have been promised before but never realized.

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