Tim Curry Had A Stroke That Was Kept Secret From Public, You Will Not Believe How He Looks Today

Dr. Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror Picture Show brought actor Tim Curry the role that made him famous all over the world. Throughout his career, he brought to the public many movies and songs but in 2012 he, unfortunately, suffered a stroke.

Curry always showed his passion for music but still did not know that his greatest talent was in acting.

Curry attended the Kingswood School boarding school in Bath and was destined for a life in show business. He later graduated from the University of Birmingham in drama and theater.

When he was studying there he shared a house with Patrick Barlow. “I remember being amazed by his extraordinary singing voice – it was just completely perfect, just something he was born with – it came ready-made,” Barlow told The Guardian.

“We would go to university parties and end up having a drink and whatever, and he would break out into song, this marvelous bluesy voice.”

After graduation, Curry and some of his friends left for London to try their luck as performers. Once he even went to the auditions of the cult classic Hair. He won a role if he had to not do it because he needed to be a member of the Actors ’Equity Association.

When asked if he had either, he said yes. When the detectives found out he was lying they wanted to remove him but could not do so because Curry was very talented. They decided to sponsor it with union membership.

At first, everyone thought he was going to make a career in music but he decided to do something else.

“I was offered things, recording contracts, offered to join groups. But as I thought about it, I got rather snippy. No, no, no, I decided, I want to be an actor, ”he told Los Angeles Magazine.

“I treated Hair like a drama school. You were always able to rewrite your part. You built up your physical presence. And because everyone was competing for attention, you learned quite quickly to make your presence felt. ”

During this time he was offered the role of the mad transvestite scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Show musical.

They asked me to audition for it, and I sang “Tutti Frutti,” which was appropriate, really. I started playing [Frank-N-Furter] as a German, then I saw the costume. It was quite a diva, ”he told Entertainment Weekly.

I heard a woman on the bus one day saying, in this posh voice, ‘Are you looking at a new house when retiring or your place in the country?’ And I thought, ‘That’s it!’ Almost like the Queen. Well, it was a smash from the moment it opened. It was a tiny theater. There were only 60 seats. And then they brought it over to Los Angeles. ”

Unfortunately, in 2012 he suffered a stroke. The family kept it a secret for a while but when the media found out it became headlines. For this, he had to do a lot of therapy.

“I’m doing well and I’m looking forward to it,” the 69-year-old actor told Los Angeles Magazine in 2015. “I’ve done a few benefits for the Actors Fund and I think it’s a marvelous organization. I hope not to have to use it.

“It’s not tough to maintain,” he added. “It’s just part of my DNA.”

He spends his time engaging in various activities such as painting, relaxing and gardening.

“Since 2016 Tim has been appearing at Conventions to meet his fans and pose for photos and he continues to take part in private autograph signings each month,” his biography states.

“Tim has traveled extensively across the USA and Canada to make special guest appearances at large-scale events such as Comic-Con, MegaCon, GalaxyCon, and Fan Expo.”

Tim Curry has never been married and will not have children. He has a fortune of $ 14 million.

We wish him to pass this stock as soon as possible.

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