What the Big Red Spheres Outside of Target Are For

Have you ever wondered about those big red spheres placed outside Target stores? You know, the ones that look like giant colorful bouncy balls? Well, let’s unravel the mystery and find out what they are for!

First things first, these eye-catching spheres are not just there for decoration (though they do add a splash of fun to the entrance). They actually serve a practical purpose. One of the main reasons for their presence is to act as bollards, which are sturdy barriers designed to protect the store from accidental collisions.
Imagine a scenario where a driver loses control of their car or a shopping cart goes rogue – these big red spheres are like the superheroes of Target, keeping the storefront safe from harm! So, next time you spot one, give it a little nod of appreciation for its noble duty.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! These red spheres are not just bollards; they also double as a clever marketing tool. You see, Target is known for its signature bullseye logo, and these spheres cleverly mimic that iconic target symbol. They add a touch of whimsy to the shopping experience, making your visit even more enjoyable.

Kids, especially, can’t resist the temptation to run up to them and give them a playful push. They may not be bouncing all over the place, but their sheer size and bright color make them irresistible for young adventurers. It’s almost like having a mini playground right at the entrance!

Additionally, these spheres serve as landmarks. When you tell your friend to meet you outside Target, it’s much easier to spot the big red ball than trying to describe the exact location. It’s a friendly wayfinding tool that helps us find our way in the sprawling parking lots.

Now, you might be thinking, “Are these spheres just standard-issue, or are they different in each Target store?” Well, you’re observant! While the basic design is similar, some locations have unique variations. Some stores might have a few smaller spheres surrounding a larger one, creating a playful cluster of balls.

Occasionally, Target also switches things up to fit the season or celebrate special events. During the holidays, you might find these spheres donning festive colors like green and white for Christmas or pastel shades for Easter. It adds a touch of seasonal cheer and keeps things fresh for regular shoppers.

As you can see, these big red spheres outside Target are more than meets the eye. They are not just random decorations; they are guardians of the store, marketing magicians, playtime companions, and trusty landmarks all rolled into one.

The next time you visit Target, take a moment to appreciate these vibrant, bouncy bollards. Give them a gentle pat, take a photo with them, or even imagine the fun adventures they have when the store is closed. After all, shopping is not just about finding what you need; it’s about enjoying the little surprises that brighten our day – like those big red spheres outside of Target!

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