Why Three Boys In Mississippi Rap*d And Kill*d An 18 YO By Throwing Her Body On The Street Corner

Three boys have been charged with murder in Mississippi and raping 18-year-old Amya Carey.

The police department told reporters at a press conference that the girl’s body was found dumped on a street corner. She had died from a firearm.

According to family members, Carey was away from home on February 15 to pick up her friend Blackmon. Blackmon says he was with his girlfriend.

That same night Blackmon, Anderson, and Banks attempted to have sex with the teenager but she refused.

At this point, Carey and Blackmon started fighting and Anderson pulled out a firearm and shot Carey.

The injured girl was put in the car and raped by one of the suspects.

Before being thrown on the street, they shot her two more times to make sure he was dead.

The three suspects are being held in prison. The reason for their action and behavior is still unknown.

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