3 YO Girl Falls From 411-Foot Waterfall, Parents Desperately Try To Save Her

A three-year-old girl Nevaeh Jade Newswanger died when she fell from Whitewater Falls in North Carolina.

Her parents say the girl was a miracle to all they have met.

On Sunday the family had gone to visit Whitewater Falls for a hiking trip when the girl slipped and rs in the water.

His parents did their best to save him. Neveah was taken by a strong current and carried down to the waterfall where she was later found dead.

“We desperately tried to rescue her but the current was so strong and it swept her down the river and over the falls where the angels caught her,” her parents, Keith and Sheri Newswanger, said.

“She is now our precious angel, so radiant in the presence of God,” they added. “Her name is heaven spelled backward. She was truly a piece of heaven to all who knew her. ”

A GoFundMe opened where and for her funeral, $ 6000 was raised. The sheriff of the area says that as soon as they received the news, five different counties searched to find the girl at the time of the accident.

The team found the dead girl stuck in an area near the waterfall. First and foremost our prayers are with the Newswanger family as they grieve the loss of this precious young child, ”says the sheriff.

This event should serve everyone to be very careful when going with children to such areas. You should always keep a distance and enjoy the beautiful view from afar. You must always follow safety rules.

The department asks visitors to stay on the trails, even if they would like to get a better look at the area.

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