‘He Was Relentless’ Molly Shannon Reveals That Gary Coleman Se*ually Harassed Her

“I go lock myself in the bathroom and then he sticks his hands under the door. And he’s like, ‘I can see you,’ ”were the words Molly Shannon said about Gary Coleman, who died in 2010.

She recently decided to share an entire incident with Gary Coleman. During The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, she recounted the moment she met Coleman.

At the time Shannon had just been allowed to sign for Diff’rent Strokes star’s agent where he met her. She says she was invited to the Colemans penthouse hotel room.

Everything was going well until the moment they were both left alone. “I think he was like, ‘Sit down [on the bed].’ It was very sweet,” she recalled. “And then he’s, like, tickling me a little. This and that. ”

Shanon says she wanted to be polite and that she was very scared because she had not slept with any man at the time.

At that moment Stern Colman became more aggressive.

He was relentless, ”she continued. “Then, he was like trying to kiss me and get on top and I was like,‘ No, Gary. Stop. ’So, I push him off. Then, I would get off the bed. Then, he would bounce on the bed. Jump, jump, jump. And wrap himself around me. Then, I would fling him off. And then he got on top of me. I guess because of his size I did not feel physical the * attended. But… it was going on and on. Repeating. I would throw him off, he would get back on. ”

More difficulty he removed from himself being that he was a more physical athlete.

… And then finally, I throw him off. I was getting out of breath because it was athletic and aerobic. ”

“He grabs me onto my leg and I was like trying to kick him off,” she said. “And then, I go lock myself in the bathroom and then he sticks his hands under the door. And he’s like, ‘I can see you.’ ”

He ran out of the room faster. While today she thinks she could have done more for herself.

Coleman died in 2010 at the age of 42.

What do you think? Is it true that all this history came out after his death? Share with us your comments on Facebook.

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