8 Y-O Boy Spends Mother’s Last $ 12, Fate Of Family Changes Radically

A single mother lost her job and had to live in a shelter. Her 8-year-old son Aaron Moreno had a brilliant idea of ​​how to get out of this situation.

Aaron dreams of becoming a judge or designing shoes for a well-known design firm when he grows up. But at the moment he is just a child with simple desires like everyone else.

Every time he heard the ice cream machine approaching he ran to his mother. But things were not so simple.

Mother’s concern

Berenice Pacheco, Aaron’s mother, felt like she was not fulfilling her son’s wishes. Despite everything, Aaron should have known the economic situation of his family.

Kids are always looking for Hot Cheetos but Berenice can not meet them. Even though they are only $ 3 it means a lot of money.

Living in a shed

The place in which they were living did not even have the basic living conditions. They did not have a dining table, beds for each of them, a bathroom, or air conditioning. These absences caused a great deal of sadness in the mother’s heart.

Aaron when he found out the situation they were in and supported his mother.

Starting a company

The 8-year-old son took his mother’s last $ 12, bought a succulent, planted it, and sold it to neighbors. The profits were small but made the family happy. They went for ice cream with the money they earned. Meanwhile, Aaron wanted more still. What he wanted was just to make his mother happy

What lovely things from your youngster to hear.

Berenice and Aaron get to work. They bought flowers and plants of various kinds, planted them, and sold them to the people of the area. She even posted a photo of the boy on social media doing the job. He had the support of many people who came to buy plants for him.

Aarons Garden even went viral and people started ordering.

Returning to normality

Berenice’s high school friend Esli Ramos established a GoFundMe campaign for her family to provide shelter. Expectations were exceeded.

The total now stands at over $ 56,000!

Berenice and Aaron with the raised fund bought a small apartment and a car.

This was just the beginning

A $ 1,000 donation made a mother take her youngest daughter Ayleen Pacheco home. Now the family was complete. All this is just thanks to Aaron and his idea.

Berenice and her family are now settled in their new home, which they share with their 2-year-old sister Alani.

The mother is very proud of her son. Already the business has grown and is operating for beauty. In addition, Berenice found another job.

Now Aaron can consume his favorite Snack Every day.

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