8-Year-Old Girl Is Diagnosed With Breast Cancer After Both Parents Battled Cancer

Life is long and full of surprises. The unexpected causes unplanned situations to appear before us. It is dangerous to live with this feeling. Annette Turner from Centerville, Utah is married to a man she has known for two years.

She was married when she was 20 and brought Brianna to life. They were happy for a while. Just six months after giving birth to her daughter Annette was diagnosed with rare cancer.

She struggled with the disease and made an intervention. Seven years later she became the mother of another daughter named Chrissy.

A year after the birth of his second daughter, the man was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was scared because he had lost his father to Leukemia. After 8 months of chemotherapy, he prayed he survived.

But after a few years, Christie noticed a lump near the nipple. When she told her parents they were scared because they both had cancer.

Doctors diagnosed her with a very rare type of cancer called secretory breast carcinoma. It is so rare that only 1 in 1 million people have it as a disease.

The whole family was devastated but Chrissy decided to fight. She intervened and escaped. The whole family are warriors and they love each other very much.

We wish the family a long and healthy life.

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