A bottle of sand seemed very strange to this couple

A woman from Florida told me about her experience one day when she was walking on the beach in Florida.

She found a plastic bottle with a note, and two pieces of cash, when she was walking in the sand. But where did all this come from?

Judi was walking on the beach with her life partner when she noticed a plastic bottle washed up on the coast by the waves. And the bottle wasn’t even half-full! Two dollar notes, a phone, and what seemed to be sand were found inside.

Only after he left there did he read the message and understood what it meant. She told everyone what had happened.

What looked to be sand was human ash, according to her. As he would later learn, the remains of a compassionate elderly man who had died at the age of 70 were preserved in the glass. Everything had been planned by the man’s wife.

But what was written on the bottle?

Gordon, the deceased old guy, was briefly described in the message. His wife opted to put her ashes in a bottle and release them at sea because he enjoyed traveling.

When the bottle was discovered, the phone was there for the man’s wife to contact to find out where Gordon had ended up.

Judy called the man’s wife, excited by the whole event, and informed her that the bottle had arrived from Tennessee (where the man had lived) to Florida.

The woman was pleased to learn that Gordon’s remains had gone such a long distance and requested that Judy re-open the bottle. Done and dusted! Judy tossed her back into the water, adding another $1 to the bottle in case anyone found her and needed to charge her a fee.

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