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A dwarf man installs a hidden camera to show how they treat him

Being different does not mean that you should be treated differently. We all have to accept each other regardless of the differences we may have.

Unfortunately, this is not in human nature, regardless of the fact that you can hurt other people’s feelings. Different people are not treated well and this hurts their feelings.

Jonathan Novic is a 22-year-old boy who is a dwarf. He was diagnosed with this condition when he was young.

Achondroplasia, what Jonathan has, is a genetic condition affecting a protein in the body called the fibroblast growth factor receptor. In achondroplasia, this protein begins to function abnormally, slowing down the growth of bone in the cartilage of the growth plate, as described by Hopkins Medicine.

His life was like everyone else’s and many people who knew him accepted him regardless of everything. When he went to New York, things changed.

He felt that there were people staring at him all the time. They called him names like ‘midget,’ ‘short stuff,’ and a lot more.

To make others aware to treat people like him the same as others, he put a camera on his body. With the filming, he made a movie called “Don’t Look Down on Me” using a hidden camera. “I wanted to stop telling people what happened to me. I wanted to show people what happened to me,” he says.

To find out more about his life, watch the video below

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