A family of five people who lived in the forest is helped by the police, the mother bursts into tears due to a gesture made

Thank you for your kindness deputies. May God bless you.

All people deserve to live a life where they can provide their children with the minimum living conditions. Unfortunately, this does not apply to everyone, especially now after the pandemic.

In Sacramento California, two deputies Tim Yee and Johnny Le asked you to go and take a look at a homeless camp. What he saw left him speechless.

A family lived in the worst conditions, so much so that they had no food on the table.

As soon as Shannon saw the policemen approaching her, she thought about where she was going to go because she was convinced that they were going to stop her. He thought he was in trouble now.

“It was a shock because we didn’t know if we were going to get into trouble,” Shannon told CBS 13.

But fortunately for her, they not only did not ask her to leave but offered help.

After seeing the situation, Yee and Le called the social services they received and took them to a motel until they were given permanent accommodation.

The next day the police stopped and bought food and toys for the children.

“Just for them to have a warm place to sleep, watch cartoons, you know things the kids do, you take it for granted, it’s been awesome,” Shannon said with tears in her eyes. “It’s a total game changer, the motivation is there and the morale kicked in and I’m ready.”

These deputies showed once again their role in the community and how inclined they are to do good things. Thank you for everything, God bless you!

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