We Both Survived Surgery, Reginald Ballard Wife Donates Her Kidney And Saves Life The author of “Bruh Man” from Martin

When Reginald Ballard played the supporting part of “Bruh Man from the 5th Floor” on Martin, the general public first became aware of him. His appearance on the show started during season 2, following a successful audition.

He heard Martin improvising the whole time. They seemed to have a lot of chemistry on stage which continued for almost three seasons.

Reginald Ballard met his wife in the eighth grade and from that day until the day of their marriage in 1987, they were just rivals. The two have never been separated from each other since that time.

In 2020 Ballard began to have serious problems with his health and mainly with his kidneys. The doctors told him that he needed one, and when his wife was told by the doctors that she was a perfect match, she did not think twice about being the donor.

Her kidney was the wrong size because of its different sizes. Here they had to make a switch. She gave her kidney to someone else and that person gave it to her husband.

The operation went well and Reginald posted a photo of himself and his wife on Facebook where he wrote SHE GAVE HER KIDNEY FOR ME. Then he highlighted their love story while praising his wife.

People say that black love is not true, but here we have an example of the opposite. They have been together for 36 years.

 WE LOVE EACH OTHER WITH ALL OF OUR [FINGERS] AND ALL OF OUR TOES. Then, in April, Ballard made a second appearance on Facebook with a new image of the pair at the beach. Today I am completely post-operative. ALL GLORY BE TO THE ALL-CREATING GOD, he penned.

We hope that their love will be blessed by God every day.

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