A man was charged with 17 years in prison but when the judge saw the evidence he ordered his immediate release

The law is always strict for people who do not follow it. But there are cases where the people who are convicted have never done anything wrong and are accused of crimes they did not commit.

This man’s story is truly lucky.

Because of a crime, he did not commit, he was sentenced to almost 20 years in prison. Richard Anthony Jones lived in Missouri with his wife and children.

He was a man who respected the rules and worked hard every day.

He sacrificed a lot so that the family did not lack anything.

At the final trial, in which no fingerprints were discovered at the scene, eyewitnesses verified that he was guilty of armed robbery; hence, he began serving his sentence in a prison with the highest level of security in the year 1999. He became accustomed to the concept.

 At the end of the day, it appeared as though the system was working against him. In the facility where Richard is being held, he is frequently confused with another inmate who, from what Richard has heard from other inmates, seems to be his identical twin brother. In addition to this, they both share the same first name.

After learning this truth, the man went to appeal and told the lawyer everything he knew, but he didn’t believe it.

In court, the judge told him to bring a photo of the twins to see their resemblance. They came to the conclusion that the person responsible was still at large.

The man was released in 2016. When he was handed his punishment, he was able to look at his newborn daughter, who is now a beautiful 17-year-old girl, as she truly shone for him.

The man went through many difficult things, but because of a mistake, he spent his whole life in prison. Maybe if someone else had been in his place, they would have gone crazy. What do you think? Share your comments with us on Facebook.

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