Woman behaves like a dog in the street and fights with another dog

Jenna Philips has an account on OnlyFans where she acts like a dog and films her behavior. From this, she managed to earn up to $700,000.

She performs every action like a dog even drinks water from a bowl, she demands payment to watch her videos.

Jenna Philips quit her job to do this and took another dog on the street.

In one of her videos on Tik Tok, Jenna was crawling on the street with a chain around her neck. It is unbelievable to see someone who behaves like a dog, but in fact, she was not the only one.

While the camera was filming, another woman was seen tied like a dog by a barrier. She earns $700,000 from OnlyFans.

Watching two people behave like dogs and fight with each other is not normal.

 A man in the clip could be heard telling Jenna: “No, no, no. Come on. Let’s go. Hey, Jenna! Let’s go.” She then looked up at the man, acting as her owner who commanded: “Keep walking, Jenna.” The video was watched over 9 million times and was captioned: “Luck, I was being held back.”

There have been many comments. One of them said “What universe is this? Belfort wasn’t the only one mesmerized by the footage as another commenter said: “With everything that’s been going on, we need a hard reset on humanity.” A third added: “People will do everything for money.”

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