A Month Before Heart Attack – These Signs Will Warn You Of A Heart Attack

Our body always gives different signs in different situations. It is true that before you get sick, you start to have mild symptoms. These signs that you will read in this article have to do with stroke. Here are the signs, and how to prepare yourself:

If you feel weak or numb in one part of the body, you can see a doctor.

Usually, this sign is common and occurs in almost all cases of this stroke. Patients feel that the arm on one side of the body is weak and begins to numb. It is a case in point that shows that your body needs oxygen. During a stroke, the body needs oxygen. If you are wondering, what is the cause of arm numbness, then the answer is simple. Stroke is the cause of lack of oxygen and makes it difficult for it to enter the body. In some cases, there has been paralysis in both arms of patients.

You may lose sight

This situation occurs in most cases. During the stroke, vision is impaired, and you happen to lose it completely. It will make it difficult for you to see. Loss of vision occurs due to nerves occurring in the eyes. In most cases, the brain is hit only on one side of it. However, the optic nerves are very close to the brain and work with it. They are the first senses that can be injured by a stroke. We must not forget that everything happens gradually.

A stroke can cause facial paralysis.

Paralysis of the face is one of the most important signs of a stroke. Most people understand this sign when they do not feel their skin or when they realize that their face is numb. This facial paralysis is caused by a stroke because the facial muscles are weakened and damaged. Facial cells are delicate, and therefore it is difficult for the face to resist paralysis.

Loss of control, headache, dizziness, or loss of balance

Another important sign is a lack of balance or difficulty concentrating. This sign is common when we talk about stroke. Almost all the nerves of the body begin to work intensively during this period. Stroke damages the muscles of the body. Because the brain controls the movement of the body, its dysfunction can impair movement. Many people have also had problems with walking, standing, maintaining balance, etc.

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