A New Born Monkey was Discovered “mummified” in a cardboard Box

He is Gito, He is a Tiny Orangutan who went through a truly terrifying experience.

His life was saved thankfully by animal rescuers. They weren’t sure if he was alive or dead when the animal rights group Animal Rescue International found him in 2015. La Dodo says that his mother was shot by poachers, but Gito was able to survive. Under the relentless sun, he was left alone in a small cardboard box.

He had lost nearly all of his body by the time the organization found him. He was regarded as mummified by some.

He was purchased for $30 by his previous owner. At this point, despite looking much older, he was only a few months old.

On their website, International Animal Rescue stated, “At first, we thought he was dead.” Gito looked almost mummified in his cardboard coffin, his arms folded corpse-like across his small body. As a result of sarcoptic mange, Gito’s skin was grey and flaking, and he lacked any body hair at all. It must have been painful and itchy all the time.”

When they discovered Gito inside the cardboard box, members of the animal protection organization drove the orangutan as quickly as possible to the closest veterinary clinic.

His survival was miraculous. The fact that it took the team nine hours to bring him to the clinic further demonstrates Gito’s strength as a fighter!

The veterinarians quickly realized that he required a lot of assistance, including treatment for a severe skin infection, and that they would do everything in their power to compensate for the general lack of care he received without his mother.

But at three years old, he is completely different from the monkey who was left to die in the box because of the incredible efforts of all the animal heroes.

What a contender he is to have come out on the opposite side!

Although it took some time, his hair is now back to its original orange shade. Thankfully, his skin has returned to normal.

Fruit and other snacks are said to be his favorites. But the most important thing is that he can now be loved. He must prepare for this kind of life before he can be released back into the wild. As a result, he is currently enrolled in a worldwide rehabilitation program for animal rescues. Gito currently spends his days with other orphaned orangutans preparing for puberty in a wooded area. It is hoped that he will re-learn how to live in the wild there.

It is essential for orangutans living in the wild to spend their first six to seven years with their mother. This not only helps them grow up properly, but it also teaches them how to find food and climb trees correctly.

According to Lis Key, Gito Rescue Center’s communications manager, “Animals suffer and die because of the systematic destruction of rainforests, primarily for the production of palm oil,” Lis Key stated to The Dodo magazine.

She thinks that little Gito will be ready for nature once more in a few years. He will be able to play safely with his peers until then while being watched by his caregivers.

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