After Her Rapist’s Request Is Accepted In Court, Little Girl Commits Suicide

A little girl was feeling liberated the moment her rapist was caught and brought to justice. But this joy would not last long because his request would be accepted in court.

Annaliese Ugle had been the victim of abuse for 7 months. When the family learned the truth, they accused 67-year-old Peter Frederick Hume of harassment and rape. I finally felt relieved.

He was held under house arrest due to the sensitivity of the case although he has not yet been found guilty. Many see the concept as inhumane and unconstitutional while others point out the devastating effects of releasing the suspects of violent crimes.

Humes was charged with rape after Annaiesse identified him. He received 5 counts of sexual penetration of a child and 6 counts of indecent dealing with a child. Despite this, he was released under Australian External law.

The girl was horrified to learn that her abuser was free again. Fearing for her life and that he would do the same thing again, she thought of doing something to free herself from all this grievous guilt that had befallen her.

Annaliese decided to kill herself. It all happened 6 months after her father had also killed himself leaving the family with more tragedy.

Heu uncle says “We had to watch my brother’s kid die. I sat in that hospital and I watched my brother’s kid pass away, I was right there with her, ”he said. “We should have never had to go through that, this little girl should have been protected. Something went wrong, something failed. They failed our kid and we don’t want this to happen to anybody else’s children. ”

After her death, Hume was arrested again because another 5-year-old girl made a denunciation of him. A series of accusations are already leveled against the rapist.

He faces 17 new offenses relating to child sexual abuse, which include 4 counts of indecent dealing with a child under 13, 4 counts of aggravated common assault, 3 counts of deprivation of liberty, persistent sexual conduct with a child, threat to harm, and possessing an indecent or obscene article.

The girl’s mother wants to make others aware of the importance of this problem and how important it is to put such people before justice to receive the punishment they deserve.

What happened to the girl is simply a failure of the law. Such cases make us realize that the justice system has failed.

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