After looking carefully at the wedding photos, the couple is not the same

After seeing the wedding photos, Emma and her husband realized that their lives would not be the same.

Justin Cotillard and Emma had just gotten married. The couple was very enthusiastic about their honeymoon and made many plans. But everything turned into a nightmare and their lives changed.

One day in the morning, Justin started shouting and told her to get out of the house immediately. Then he calmed down and apologized. Emma was seven months pregnant at the time and thought this might just be an emotional outburst of him.

With the time, it became even worse. “He failed to recall that I was expecting our first child together and was pregnant. Emma stated that it appeared as though he mistook her for a stranger.

Justin was only 29 years old but the situation worsened.

There he discovered that he had a brain tumor. He was informed by his medicals that he does not have a lot of time left to live—no more than two years—and that his prognosis is grim.

They understood that they both had to be strong for Justin to meet their child. Emma gave birth to her daughter Mia and that’s when Justin started treatment.

Cancer spread very quickly and your plans are ruined before your eyes. “The doctors estimated that my spouse would have two weeks left at home before passing away.”

Justin died after 12 days leaving behind a little girl to grow up without a father. No one could do anything about the tumor.

 Emma had a change of heart and said, “If you look at the pictures from the wedding, you’ll see that the right side of his face is a little lower.”

Emma decided to make this story public so that other people if they see changes no matter how small in their bodies, go get checked as soon as possible and save their lives.

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