After working 38 years at Walmart the employee dies there and the family receives no payment

Janikka Pery died at a Walmart store while on duty. She was found unconscious in the toilet.

 Nicoshe James, Perry’s sister of Janikka – a 38-year-old mother and grandmother – felt ill during her shift, but continued working. She quit her job in the middle of the shift even though she was not feeling well and knew something was going to happen to her.

“That’s what it’s like working at Walmart,” James wrote.

Now employees working there are calling on Walmart to enact a plan that would ensure sick employees receive time off and that associates have a voice in the company.

They said: “We express our deep condolences to Ms. Perry’s family and friends. We can all agree that Ms. Perry was a valued teammate and well-liked by those in the Walmart family who knew her, ”

 “We disagree with how the circumstances have been characterized publicly. Out of respect for everyone involved, we are not going to publicly discuss details further. ”

It has been four months since her death but it seems like it all happened yesterday. According to the family lawyer who is dealing with this case, this can happen to any other family. The same pain should not be passed over.

Cyndi Murray has been working at Walmart for 21 years. She says that the shops lack the staff and they have to work hard and without any breaks.

“We were essential workers, or so they wanted to call us during the pandemic, but they did not treat us in that manner,” she said. Perry’s death, she believes, could have been avoided.

Through March 31, Walmart maintained a leave policy that allowed for Covid-related absences without consequences and we continue to encourage associates who are not feeling well to stay home

“People get sick. It’s just part of life, ”Peter Naughton, a Walmart cashier in Baton Rouge, told Insider. “Walmart does not seem to understand that.”

All colleagues express their consideration for the woman by saying the best words for her and wishing that her death serves as a warning for them to become aware.

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