Family Adopts 3 Children And Could Not Get The Fourth, Their Neighbour Makes For Them Unexpected Surprise

Four brothers had been living in foster care for years and finally, a family came and took them for adoption.

We need to show a lot of respect for families who decide to adopt children who have lost their parents or have been abandoned by their families and sent to foster homes.

Julia Washington and her family thought to give a lot of love. Their family always wanted to expand the family.

The couple had two biological and abusive children waiting to adopt others and take them home.

Although the Washington family was happy with their new home, the Washingtonians received some bad news. The three children had a brother named Elijah and could stay in foster care if no family showed up.

The family could not afford the family to be separated from each other and in fact, one of the children was facing cerebral palsy and needed more attention. Washington told:

“It broke my heart, but I didn’t just feel we could do it. We’d gone from two kids to five— one with special needs. I just felt we’d be overwhelmed, and someone wouldn’t get the attention they deserved. ”

At that moment the family received a phone call from a neighbor who made a surprise. Jay Houston knew that her neighbors did not want to pass by the story of 17-month-old Elijah, and she offered to adopt the little boy.

After living with the child for six months, she finalized the adoption, and the 17-month-old officially became a member of Houston’s family.

Now at least the boys though not in the same house would be very close to each other.

“They all know they’re brothers and get to grow up together. They don’t live in the same house but live in the same town… Knowing I get to be his mom forever, it’s an awesome gift and I’m thankful for it. ”

With Houston’s kind-heartedness, Michael, Jess, Cameron, and Elijah can spend as much time as possible with each other, swimming in an ocean of love and acceptance.

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