Al Roker Shares Thanksgiving Day Update As His Today Show Co-Anchors Carry On the Parade Without Him

Al Roker, who thanked a very special person for him, became part of the Thanksgiving Day. Al Roker has had some health problems lately, but he is on the mend and that is good news. He will leave the hospital to go home in a few days. The cause of his hospitalization was a blood clot.

This time, Al Roker was absent from his show and thanked his friend for continuing the parade. It might have been difficult, but the co-host managed successfully these days without Al Roker. He seems to be very active on social media.

He recently posted a video on his profile where he informs all his fans that he will leave the hospital in a few days. This shows that his health condition has improved a lot. His friend also shared a message about Al Roker. “Yes!!!

The parade was not the same without you.” It seems that Hoda Kotb missed the well-known presenter. A few days later, he shared photos from his home on social media, thanking all his friends and colleagues who continued the show without him.

He has been part of this television show for many years and many regular followers of the show feel his absence. He shared with his fans the reason he was hospitalized. Roker says that the blood clot had traveled to his lungs and his health was at great risk.

His friends and colleagues wished him a fast recovery. Many of them have asked him to return as soon as possible. One of them is Jenna Bush Harger, who is looking forward to Roker’s return.

Dylan Dryer said, “Love you Al, and praying every day for a speedy recovery!” And Craig Melvin wrote, “Love you brother…can’t wait to have you back!”

And Savannah Guthrie wrote, “You’re the strongest person we know. We miss you and will see you soon!!”

“He’s in good spirits, we’ve all talked to him,” said Guthrie said on Friday’s show. “He’s in great spirits,” Kotb further noted.

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