Mom Didn’t Want To Raise Baby With Down Syndrome

All children are beautiful and equal regardless of appearance, color, or problems they may be born with. They always deserve only love and care.

But not all parents are willing to accept their children’s problems and face them. Some are stronger while others give up on them. But this was not the case for Russian father Evgeny Anisimov.

Evgeny Anisimov lives alone with his son Misha after his mother abandoned him when the child was born with Down syndrome. He wants to show the world that such children should be accepted into society.

A few minutes after Misha’s birth the doctor told him that the boy could be with Down syndrome. At first, Evgeny was shocked because he knew nothing about this syndrome and how to deal with it.

He decided not to tell his wife anything, thinking that she would experience the news worse. For a few minutes, Evgeny started crying but then reflected.

He thought to himself that everything had gone as he had planned. The birth had gone well, the baby had been born with every part of the body in the designated place. But why he was crying? Why was he upset?

He realized that he was being selfish and that the child had the right to have a family just like any other child.

When he told his wife the news she wanted to take Misha to the orphanage but Evgeny refused. He decided to divorce her and raise his child alone.

Reading a lot about Down Syndrome he realized that Misha could live a very social life just like other children.

Now Evgeny will just show the world that it is not that difficult to live with such a child. According to him, everyone should know Misha and learn how to behave to make the child feel happy and accepted by society.

Our society needs people like Evgeny to make the world a better place and to show it to everyone, and with less effort, each of us can cope with the problems we encounter on a daily basis and that these problems are less than love for the child.

Have you ever met a man link Evgeny or a boy like Misha? How were his growth and social acceptance according to his family?

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