Alfonso Ribiero Tells How Black Community Distanced Him Because He Married A White Woman, Meet His 4 Adorable Children

On television, many characters have played and can not be forgotten. One of them is “Carlton Banks” played by Alfonso Ribiero in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Not only did he make his film debut but it brought him fame and a new life with his legendary dance that continues to impress people even today.

Today Ribiero is made up of families and has four children. He says that this role has not only brought him good and that it almost ruined his career.

Everyone saw him as Carlton rather than Alfonso and that was the problem for casting agents and producers.

“I had what I love taken away from me because I won. When you do a role like Carlton and people love the role, and you do the job so well that they essentially tell you that you can not do it anymore because we can not see you as anything else, it is a very difficult thing to deal with, ”Ribeiro explained. “It was like,‘ Wait a minute, but I did it well. I did my job. I did what I was asked to do, I made you believe that that’s who I am. ’That’s what an actor is supposed to do. And then I was punished for it. Because then I didn’t get to do what my craft was. I did not get to do it anymore. “

“I’ve always said that the idea that you can do something so well in your life that no one will allow you to do it again, is very difficult to go through,” Ribeiro told Pop Culture.

He is married to Angela Unkrich. In 2013 I was born Alfonso Lincoln, and two years later, my son Anders was born. In 2019, Ribeiro and Ulkrich announced the birth of daughter Ava Sue.

“I try to do everything in my power to make sure that my family’s with me on all of these journeys that I have to go on. I feel it’s incredibly important, ”Alfonso says. “We prioritize family. We prioritize each other. ”

Alfonso is a family man and is very proud of his children. He is also very grateful to his wife. He also has a daughter with his first wife Robin Stapler.

Sienna, his daughter graduated in 2021 and he showed that he felt very proud. “My baby girl Sienna just Graduated from High School. I’m so proud. She’s gonna go do big things in her life. She’s smart, beautiful, motivated, funny, passionate and makes everyone around her happier, ”Alfonso wrote on Instagram.

His family looks great. We wish them all the best.

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