Amazing discoveries people have made in their own backyard

We do not believe that there is anyone who would not want to suddenly find a hidden treasure or make an important archaeological discovery. Here are some true stories of people who have done it right….in their backyard.

A ‘Ferrari’

In 1987, 2 kids were digging in their backyard in Los Angeles when they suddenly “stuck” in a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS. When the police brought the car to the surface, it was concluded that it was stolen. The Ferrari was handed over to the insurance company and then sold at auction.

A giant shell of a prehistoric armadillo

Jose Antonio Nievas, from Argentina, found a giant dinosaur egg, as he called it, near his farm.

But examination revealed that it was the shell of a glyptodon – a prehistoric armadillo the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. The shell also had a large hole, apparently made from a duel with another glyptodon.

A medieval treasure

In 2007, Andreas K., from Austria found a whole treasure in his garden; about 200 pieces of jewelry objects, including rings, brooches, silverware, etc. The man put all the objects in a box and put them in the basement of his house, forgetting them there for 2 years. He remembered them again only when he decided to move out of his house. When experts examined the jewels, they estimated that they were at least 650 years old. Andreas donated the entire treasure to the local museum.

Meteors – 6 times in a row

This man didn’t have to ask at all. I’m sure you’ll agree that the chances of a meteor hitting your backyard are very slim. Well, Radivoje Lajic was so lucky or unlucky that 6 of them almost fell on his roof, despite all the mathematical predictions.

Scientists from the University of Belgrade have confirmed that it is a matter of meteors and have investigated the magnetic activity around Lajic’s house to understand the cause of this anomaly.

For his part, Lajic himself has decided to take measures (there may be a seventh time), reinforcing his roof with steel bars.

An anti-nuclear bunker in excellent condition

When Chris and Colleen Otcasek bought their home in California, they were aware of the existence of an anti-nuclear bunker in the garden, built during the Cold War. An engineer who used to live in this house had built it for himself. Chris and Colleen thought that after 50 years there would be nothing left in the bunker, but they were wrong; it was in perfect condition, complete with towels, toilet paper, sleeping pills, snack boxes, coffee, books, and magazines.

A tunnel to the Pyramid of Cheops

One of the residents of the village of El Haraneya, located near the plateau of the legendary pyramids of Egypt, was digging in his garden when he stumbled upon a mysterious tunnel. It was a secret passage to one of the largest and oldest pyramids of Giza, that of Cheops.

The prehistoric tunnel was described by Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, who visited Egypt.

1000-year-old bones of an Indian

Ali Erturk, 14 years old from Salt Lake City, made a strange discovery in 2014. He was digging a hole in his garden when he found some human bones. The boy’s father immediately notified the police, and the analyzes revealed that they were the remains of an American Indian who had lived about 1,000 years ago. Archaeologists have continued digging in the garden and think they may find an ancient Indian burial ground that could help them understand more about their culture.

A bag of marijuana worth $175,000

In December 2012, Mack Reed, from Los Angeles decided to install solar panels on the roof of his house. When he opened his basement, he discovered a bag full of jars, packets, and envelopes of marijuana. When Reed wasn’t home, someone had hidden the drugs. The value of the narcotics was about 175 thousand dollars.

One of the greatest hidden treasures in history

In 2013, a newlywed couple discovered a hidden treasure while walking the dog in their yard. They saw a rusty box sticking out of the ground and found gold coins inside. Eight similar boxes were pulled from the ground; all of which contained a large number of gold coins dating from 1847-1894. Their face value was $27,980, but today they are worth more than $10 million. It was never discovered why that treasure was buried in that place.

The remains of a dinosaur

In 1997, John Lambert from Ipswich, Great Britain decided to build a fence around his house. While digging, he hit a large bone with his shovel, but ignored it and took it to the barn, forgetting about it there for more than 16 years. In 2013, he finally took his discovery to experts, and it turned out to be the bone of a pliosaurs – a giant sea snake that inhabited the land 60-250 million years ago.

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