Neighbors are very angry with the color of the house they have

A neighbor was very upset because a man decided to paint his house pink.

They say that your home’s design can say a lot about who you are. Additionally, the houses on Mountain View Street in Pflugerville, Texas, will one day take on the appearance of typical homes. White, beige, and gray houses are commonplace among locals. But when Emilio Rodriguez moved, everything changed.

When Emilio was just four years old, he was in a terrible car accident that was fatal. He was permanently paralyzed from the waist down as a result. Additionally, he had multiple operations as an adult. Additionally, this house is a part of the “Keep Austin Weird” philosophy and he is currently in a wheelchair.

The color pink was the one thing that always made him smile and feel much better, despite the numerous challenges he faced in life!

Emilio also found that the color pink was reassuring and uplifting when he was dealing with his health issues. Because of this, Emilio knew what he had to do when he finally bought his dream home in Pflugerville two years ago, painting it pink. In fact, his girlfriend and family pleaded with him not to paint the house that color. However, Emilio is determined to adhere to his beliefs.

Motivated by the vibrant hues of his tattoos, Emilio chose the ideal color for his ideal residence. As a result, Emilio began painting the house pink with Pepto-Bismol. However, accents are not the only factor. It covered the whole of his house. He actually chose the “wet slime” look.

He stated, “I completed the entire back of the house first,” Then I completed the entire house. Additionally, he explained that his ideal residence would be a house painted in this manner.

However, Emilio is not done yet. He even intends to install pink floodlights on the patio and driveway, respectively. In addition, he intends to paint his wheelchair pink!

Despite Emilio’s satisfaction with the pink house, many of his neighbors are not thrilled with it. It seems to stand out a lot, and not in a good way, according to many of them. However, he is unconcerned about the opinions of his neighbors or other individuals regarding his house.

He is constantly irritated by his annoying neighbors. He claimed that the fact that there was no homeowners association to prevent him from designing his own home was the primary reason he chose this area.

He went on to say, “No HOA. No HOA. I specifically planned this in advance for that reason. I then explain that there is no HOA here when people become enraged.

His pink house is one of a kind, and social media users love it a lot. Additionally, he observed the positive and negative aspects that came with it. Despite the fact that some people adored it, Emilio claims that he has also received threats and rude comments. He might try to force the issue by suing his neighbors who don’t agree.

However, Emilio doesn’t think this is important. He only cares that he adores this house and cannot understand why others dislike it.

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