America’s Got Talent Has A Winner Different From The Others, She Is A Single And Homeless Mother

Cristina Rae went with a goal in America’s Got Talent, to change her life.

The mother from Tennessee had loved singing since she was little and had gone through many difficult moments. When she got pregnant with Jeremiah she was homeless and sleeping in the car.

She initially appeared before jury judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. She wanted to fulfill her biggest dream which was to buy a house for her son.

As soon as she got on stage she quickly launched into a gorgeous rendition of “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins and soon had the entire audience cheering.

The applause in the hall did not stop even though the performance ended. Cowell asked him to sing a second song.

Without missing a beat, Cristina delivered a passionate version of The Rolling Stones ’“ Gimme Shelter. ”

“Heidi and I were getting goosebumps!” Vergara gushed before voting Cristina into the next round. Her vocals left everyone speechless.

Cowell said to her “There is only one way to describe your voice: It is insanely good.”

He continued, “Look, there is absolutely no point making shows like this unless we find people like you.”

Klum made a comment for her “I think you are absolutely out of this world,” she said. “My heart is racing for you right now, it really is.” Then she stood up and hit the Golden Buzzer to launch Cristina straight to the live show!

Christina is finally moving towards making the dream come true. We wish her to win the whole competition.

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