Denzel Washington Needs Your Prayers

Denzel Washington was born on December 28, 1954. He grew up in Mount Vernon in New York and his mother taught him how to be a good man. From an early age, he spent a lot of time in church with his father because he was a Reverend and Pentecostal Minister.

In Mount Vernon, he spent most of his time in church. He had great respect for his father and wanted to make him very proud. When the worship of God began to grow, it began to fade. He began to doubt the existence of God and did not spend more time in the church but with other people with bad influence outside of it.

When you were 14 you divorced your parents. This affected him and the society he chose. He got involved in many quarrels and did not study more time in school.

When he was at the academy he found his way to God again. One day a woman approached him saying “You are going to preach.” Washington took her words as a sort of prophecy, so he enrolled in Fordham University, where he explored studies of medicine and also played on the school basketball team.

Medicine did not seem to be what he wanted. He decided to take a break to find what he wanted in life. There he began to dedicate himself to acting.

When he returned to Fordham he hung his major to Arts in Journalism. He soon got cast in the Hollywood Box Office movies “Carbon Copy”, “Crimson Tide”, “Glory”, “The Hurricane.” When he starred in “Training Day,” he would cement his legacy as one of his generation’s best actors by winning the Best Actor Academy Award.

During all this time he never lost faith in God.

“There’s never been a time where God didn’t direct, protect, and correct me…. There may have been times when I was less than faithful to Him, but He had faith in me. ”

With his faith, he was able to overcome all the problems that arise in his marriage to Pauletta Pearson. “I think that you have to really work at it. You should not give up on each other, ”he said. “It’s a commitment. It’s not all honeymoon. It doesn’t last forever. ”

According to him, you should always put God first to take care of other things.

“You pray for rain. You got to deal with the mud too, ”he said. “That’s part of it.”

According to him, only the faith he had in God and reading the bible all the time are those who have led the way to Hollywood.

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