Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Discovered in a beautiful place 

A wonderful mosaic was discovered in Verona, which is thought to have been built in the 3rd century AD. To discover this mosaic, archaeologists have been trying for decades and finally succeeded. The mosaic is located exactly on an Italian farm in the hills near the neighborhood of Negrar di Valpolicella in northeastern Italy. In this place, there is an ancient villa that was destroyed.

According to archaeologists, this mosaic may have been hidden for many years and the reason for this may also be the villa that was demolished above it. This very intricate and at the same time extraordinary mosaic was part of the floor of a Roman villa.

This villa is located in the north of the capital, and researchers have been trying for many years to discover it. After finally discovering the mosaic, the archaeologists indicated that they would talk to the owners of the area to better continue the studies and the work to highlight this treasure.

Although this was not easy, the researchers did not give up. After the analysis of the place, it was discovered that there was a mosaic from the 3rd century AD on the floor. The search for this mosaic started decades ago but stopped in 1922.

After many years in the flesh, the search started again the next summer. The researchers said that this was not such a lucky period for them. The pandemic forced them to close their investigation. But after the works were reopened, they finally managed to discover the hidden treasure for many years.

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